Domestic violence/relationship violence & bullying is never just about the physical harm….the emotional, MANIPULATIVE, controlling side to any relationship is significantly more damaging as it’s a crime much easier to conceal!!! We ALL have encountered this treatment whether to ourselves or someone we know! Bottom line…..what are you going to do about this??? Please contact Dr Sairah Qureshi for a free consultation!! See new design below. Coming soon in hardcopy!!! Totally Transforming You….where your journey to becoming the BEST of you is about to begin!! ♦️⚖️♦️ Per Mrs. Christine Fischetti #PubicRelationsAssistance To #DrSiarahQureshi Action Against Bullying, LLC 🗣Verbal Abuse ⚖️Is In Someways ⚖️ Exactly Like Getting A Tattoo – ( Hypothetically Speaking ) Being Physically Abused is in NO WAY ANY BETTER than being Verbally abused! The difference between the Physical and The Verbal Is – Physical Abus
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